Improve your Poker Play - "Poker Workout Routine"

When a person wishes to either get into better physical shape or even maintain their physique, they often develop a workout plan.  Setting a regular routine for exercising helps to focus your efforts so that you train the muscle groups you are targeting.  The result is that your arms, your legs, your chest are all toned and built to your liking. 

Your poker mind is no different from your muscles.  A good poker player sculpts their mind, keeping it sharp, fit - in shape.  Such a mental fitness level does not come without effort, however.  There are exercises designed to whip the poker mind into optimal shape.  Let me share with you a few exercises you can undertake regularly to keep your poker mind sharp and in optimal condition, so that when you get to the cash tables at FullTilt or Virgin, you will be at the top of your game.

Read poker strategy articles

You should have a regular reading schedule designed to improve your understanding of poker theory.  You can either pick up poker books to form a personal library written by you’re the group of authors you respect the most, or you might have a poker forum or two you belong to that is dedicated to providing detailed, thought provoking discussion on poker strategy.  Scrolling their strategy articles and discussions will help to keep your mind sharp.  By reading regularly, you will fine tune your poker knowledge, as well as continue to expand your understanding of the theory of poker play.

Discuss Poker Strategy 

In addition to reading regularly about poker strategy, you should engage in strategic poker discussions with a wide variety of poker-minded people.  A good poker player will talk strategy with players who are “betterâ€� than they are, to assist them in further grasping a poker related concept.  Additionally, a player will also engage in discussion with players who are on the same level as they are to help them digest the new concept they have come to understand.  Also, it is not uncommon for a player to discuss theories of poker with players who are of a lower skill set than they are.

Talking poker with players more advanced with you is designed to further your understanding, and can be looked at as having a chat with your University’s Professor.  You have read the material, now the Professor is answering your questions on the theories you have just read about.  Talking with players on your level of expertise can be looked upon as getting into a study group in college.  A group of peers gets together and talks about the poker theory discussed in their reading.  This is a great way to expand your knowledge and commit what you have read to memory.  Finally, talking with players less experienced than you will help you to simplify your understanding of the advanced poker concepts you have just read.  Essentially, you are teaching someone with lesser poker knowledge about a strategy you have come to understand.   When we teach beginners or players with lesser understanding than our own, we think in simpler, easier to understand terms.  This will help us to simplify our understanding.

Be sure that when discussing poker strategy, however, that you maintain several diverse groups.  If you only talk poker with beginners, you will never move up in understanding.  You will not evolve as a poker player.  Additionally, you may become frustrated if you only talk poker with players better than you.  A well balanced “study groupâ€� is in order so that you can read about a concept, get some advanced notes from your expert social group, commit your theories and tactics to memory by talking with people on your same skill level, and simplify your understanding by talking to novices.  The best place to get this diverse group of poker minds is your favorite poker forum.

Implement Your Tactics at the Table 

Finally, after reading and discussing advanced poker concepts, it is important to take the theories you have studied and uncovered and transfer them to your game.  What better place to do it than at the poker tables of your favorite online poker room - such as Full Tilt Poker


Mastering the game of poker is a continuous, life long process.  Read, discuss, teach, implement, and repeat.  Even the most advanced poker players are furthering their understanding of the game of poker.  Keeping your skills sharp, reading up on poker strategy, talking poker, and teaching poker on a disciplined and regular basis are key to keeping your mind in top poker shape.

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