5 Different Formats For Texas Holdem Poker Online

Texas Holdem poker, particularly in no-limit format, has risen to become the number one choice of poker game - both live and online. What new poker players often do not realize is that there are actually several different formats on which you can play Texas Holdem online. This article covers the 5 main formats, explaining the key differences between tournaments, cash games, sit n goes, satellites and heads-up matches.

Online Texas Holdem Poker #1 - Cash Games

Poker cash games are otherwise known as ‘ring games’, in this game format you are playing for real money at a table ranging from 6 to 10 players. Each $1 won is $1 you can cash out later, if you run out of chips in a cash game you can simply buy-in for more. Online cash games start with buy-ins of a couple of dollars and go all the way into the $1000’s for the high rollers, the blinds are usually 1% of the maximum buy-in for the table.

Online Texas Holdem Poker #2 - Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournaments start at a scheduled time, each player entering is given a stack of chips usually between 1500 and 3000. As the tournament progresses the blind level rise until there is just one player remaining with all the chips. Players finishing in the last 10% to 15% of the field are paid - with the biggest payouts for the final few players. Buy-in levels for online poker tournaments start at just $1 and go up to $100’s, there is usually a 10% addition to this taken by the poker site as their fee.

Online Texas Holdem Poker #3 - Sit And Go Tournaments

Sit and Goes are small poker tournaments which have no scheduled start time, instead they begin as soon as the required number of people join (usually between 6 and 50 with a large number of these being 1-table games). Payouts vary depending on the size of the game, and the speed of the blinds also varies - with turbo, speed and even ultra-turbo games available at many online poker sites.

Online Texas Holdem Poker #4 - Satellite Qualifiers

Satellite qualifiers are in poker tournament of sit and go format and award entries into higher buy-in events. Target games range from bigger buy-in online poker tournaments such as the Full Tilt Poker Million, through to live events including the WPT, EPT and World Series of Poker. Satellite tournaments come in many different speeds, with some allowing players to ‘rebuy’ more chips during the first hour.

Online Texas Holdem Poker #5 - Heads-Up Poker

Heads-Up poker involves just two players, making this a fast and furious format. This can be played in cash game or in sit and go format and at a range of buy-ins (from $1 up to $5000 and more!). Heads-up poker can also be found in knockout tournament format, with winners progressing to the next rounds.

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