PKR Points

You would think that offering players a one-of-a-kind 3D poker experience would be enough but PKR Poker also offers its players a special points system players can use to earn special rewards. These points are called PKR Points and they are offered as a type of loyalty system. The more real-money poker you play, the more PKR Points you earn.

These PKR Points have a variety of uses including:

·Cash them in for in-game upgrades for your avatar. You can use your points to purchase special clothing, accessories and chip tricks to make your character stand out above all the rest.

·They can be traded in for free entry into special freeroll tournaments. You won't have to pay a fee but you can still win real money.

·You can trade them in for real life merchandise from the PKR Points Store. The store has all kinds of cool things like hoodies, USB drives, free entry tickets to live tournaments and much more.

·These points also serve to move you up the ladder in Club PKR.

Club PKR

Club PKR is a VIP club that PKR uses to rewards its most loyal customers. As you earn PKR Points at the tables, you'll be invited to join new levels of membership in Club PKR. Each level of membership in Club PKR brings with it special rewards.

There are 6 levels of membership in Club PKR. The cool thing about these membership levels is that once you achieve a level, you'll never drop back down to a lower level. This "always up, never down" policy is unique to
PKR Poker. Some other poker sites might offer VIP programs but they will kick you out as soon as you stop earning points.

The lower levels of membership start out with some very nice rewards and it only gets better as you move up in levels. In the beginning you'll get special perks like access to a newsletter, a gift on your birthday and special reload bonuses. When you get to the higher levels, you'll get all those perks plus others such as increased deposit limits, more gifts, access to VIP events and much more.

The six levels of Club PKR:

LevelPoints Required

1. Member 5,000 +
2. Bronze 35,001 +
3. Silver 100,001 +
4. Gold 500,001 +
5. Platinum 1,000,001 +
6. Diamond 2,500,001 +

It looks like it takes a ton of points to move up in the Club PKR ladder but PKR Points are actually pretty easy to come by.

Earning PKR Points

PKR Points are given to players for playing in real money tournaments and cash games. For every $1 you pay in tournament fees, you'll earn 100 PKR Points. Points are earned in cash games depending on how much rake is taken out of each pot and how many players are in each pot. You can earn up to 300 PKR Points per hand in cash games so your PKR Point total can add up rather quickly.

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