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Blackjack Strategy

The Strategy Calculator allows you instantly adjust your Blackjack strategy based on whatever rules you like. Simply choose the game options such as number of decks, dealer and players rules and the chart adjusts in real time.

Feeling comfortable with our
Visual instructions?
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Welcome to School

Here is where we teach you to play all of the most popular free games.

Our Flash-based visual instructions are animated tutorials complete with voice overs, walking viewers through the steps of how to play. We have visual instructions for Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Hold'em Poker and Omaha.

Some people learn best by reading, but most people learn best by watching.

Our goal is to help you enjoy the games more while bringing your game to a higher level competitively.  Once you have learned the basics you should be confident enough so that you can experience the thrills and excitement of real money games at lower limits, without damaging your bank balance.
Omaha Hold'em
Black Jack
Texas Hold'em
Video Poker

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Warning: Nobody under the age of <18> is allowed on this website!

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